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Fewer than 30% of us choose revolving doors over swinging doors when given the option. This is significant considering that revolving doors are more energy efficient, save money and CO2. For example, swinging doors exchange 8 times more air than revolving doors. For this project, I wanted to see how can graphic design be used to help increase people’s use of revolving doors. It was part wayfinding, part user experience, and included a lot of interesting research and number crunching. Check out the article on GOOD, the TEDx talk where I describe the project, or the 99 Percent Invisible podcast that features the project.

Most people choose to use swinging doors over revolving doors when given the option.

My first sign was crude, but prompted 58% of people to use revolving doors.

My second sign was directional but small, and prompted 53% of people to use revolving doors.

My third and last sign was two feet wide and a food tall, and prompted 71% of people to use revolving doors.

I created a Revolving Door Toolkit that was purposely simple so that others could quickly modify and install them outside their revolving doors. Nearly 1,100 people have downloaded the toolkit.

I talked about revolving doors and behavior change in a TEDx talk I gave in Rome, as part of TEDx Transmedia.

99% Invisible features the project as a podcast. They even tried out the Revolving Door Toolkit in Oakland, CA. Listen to it below, starting at minute 2:30.

Read my article about the project on