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The process of applying for U.S. citizenship includes many steps but understanding how to become more financially stable is usually not been one of them. This service design project focused on how to effectively integrate financial empowerment education into the NYCitizenship program. This research for this project started in a graduate Transdisciplinary Design class at Parsons School of Design, during which students produced service design prototypes, after which MANY Design worked with a small team from Parsons, along with our other partners, to launch a pilot.

The project includes a redesign of the workshop that applicants are usually part of, along with supporting materials. We also followed through with a project evaluation phase.


Aya Jaffar, a member of the class and a consultant on the project, provided illustrations.


We created two guides: one for facilitators to lead workshops and one for participants in the workshop.

NY Citizenship Video

A major part of the project became a video that is used during workshops by facilitators. Attendees learn not only about the details of becoming a citizen but also about becoming more financially independent. Facilitators stop the video at various points to engage with attendees and answer questions.

All of our research and the results of the pilot project were distilled in a service blueprint, which can be used new facilitators in the future. Service Blueprint


Our team designed posters, bookmarks, pens, thumbdrives, and digital imagery to promote the program to library users.


Parsons DESIS Lab

  • Transdisciplinary Design Students
  • Zhi Yuan (Janson) Cheng
  • Kelsye Gould
  • Aya Jaffir
  • Ankita Roy
  • Valentina Branada
  • Alix Gerber
  • Chengcheng Teng
  • Melika Alipour
  • Noah Litvin
  • Stephanie Lukito
  • Lara Penin (Instructor)
  • Grace Tuttle (Instructor)


Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs


  • Brooklyn Public Library
  • Queens Library
  • New York Public Library


  • Citi Community Development

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