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We were asked by Human Impact Institute to collaborate on a program that featured “Human Impact Stories” on the topic of environmental innovation and progress. By sharing these stories, Human Impact Institute sought to inspire people to take action in ways that improves our planet and we worked on all three series in this program: sHeros (in New York City), Climate Connections (Marseille, France), and Bridging the Divide (Berlin, Germany).

In support of this program, we designed the visual identity, the layout for the New York exhibition, collateral for the exhibition, print and digital promotional materials, and 34 oversized banners.

Using sustainable materials to produce the designs always factors into our process and we found a replacement for traditional vinyl, which take a very long time to decompose. BIOflex is a materials that attracts microbes and breaks down the PVC within 3–5 years.

Visual Identity

We adapted the shape of a polaroid photo frame to hold the identity, highlighted the photographic nature of the exhibitions, and came in handy throughout the program.


New York City

We adapted the shape of the logo for each of the banner images. This series featured amazing women who are leading the way in their community to combat global climate change. The polaroid frame not only added focus to the people, but also provided a space to add supporting text.

The 19 women who shared their stories included: Kazi Ateea, Wendy Brawer, Majora Carter, Aria Doe, Jeanne DuPont, Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly, Kim Fraczek, Jean Gardner, Sarah Levine, Sabine Marx, Helen Matsos, Mary Miss, Eve Mosher, Cynthia Rosenzweig, Anasa Scott, Courtney St. John, Shino Tanikawa, Annie Willis, and Bethany Yarrow.

Installed at the Consulate General of France. The event was co-sponsored by the Consulate General of Germany

Audio Installation

In addition to the banners, audio podcasts featuring some of the 19 women who were part of the “sHeros” exhibition were also available. We mounted iPod shuffles to foamcore placards the provided instructions for visitors. Collaborators for the audio included Storycorps, Winters Past, and Broke for Free.

Climate Connections

Marseille, France

We adapted the format for an exhibition in Marseille, leading up to the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. This series featured 17 extraordinary people who are making the link between climate change and the things we think about every day. For each banners, two climate experts from France were paired up and shown in dialogue.

The 17 featured experts included: Marie-Laure Lambert, Vincent Moron, Xavier Giraud, Dominique Robin, Sandrine Maljean-Dubois, Nicolas Haeringer, Mourad Ezzine, Suzanne de Cheveigné, Annick Delhaye, Bernard Seguin, Joël Guiot, Hubert Mazurek, Alexandra Schleyer-Lindemman, Lounès Tadrist, Céline Dubreuil-Imbert, and Nicolas Roche.

Installed in Marseille

Photos by Human Impacts Institute

Bridging the Divide

Berlin, Germany

We also adapted the format for an exhibition in Berlin. Banners in this series features two inspiring individuals who are world’s apart on the map, but are neighbors in action on how they take on climate change. Two climate experts were paired up on each banner, one from Germany and one from the United States.

The 16 featured experts included: Christiane Averbeck, Camilla Bausch, Antje von Broock, Robert Bullard, Alexis Chase, Katherine Darnstadt, Daniel Dendra, Hugh Gladwin, Ursula Fuentes Hutfilter, Brigitte Knopf, Sabine Marx, Carel Carlowitz Mohn, Jason Rissman, Malte Schneider, David Wang, and Patrice Simms.

Installed in Berlin

Photos by Human Impacts Institute



Eduardo Plama (Graphic Design)
Andrew Shea (Creative Direction)

Human Impacts Institute

Amy Braunschweiger
Tara DePorte

Audio for New York series

Broke for Free
Winters Past

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